Ayurveda is a holistic health care system native to India and practiced in the West as a form of alternate healing. Based in nature, Ayurveda tailors treatments to each person’s unique constitution and utilizes foods, herbs, lifestyle changes and body treatments to restore balance to the body and mind.

Some of these suggestions may be:

  • dietary guidelines
  • individualized daily routine
  • customized herbal formulas
  • individualized exercise routines
  • specific forms of meditation
  • customized body therapies
  • specific cleansing regimens
  • color therapy
  • aroma therapy
  • chakra clearing and mantra

Ayurvedic guidance can help recalibrate a person who has lost contact with their good instincts and intuition. It is easy to get used to a poor diet and lifestyle. Unhealthy cravings can be the result of our busy, cluttered lives. Ayurveda explains what is helpful or healthy and what should be avoided, as well as the means for increasing the healthy and avoiding the unhelpful.

The Ayurvedic healing process is not an over night solution to an imbalance that has taken years to take hold. This can be a 2 month to a one year commitment to healing. Sometimes your body just needs a little jump start to get you back on track. Obviously, this choice is up to you. We can go for as little as you like or we can continue until you are satisfied with your results. This entire healing process is in your hands.

Take responsibility of your own self and don’t be a victim of your own body.


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